Will Facebook’s EdgeRank make people ration their brand interaction?

Here’s a really interesting blog post on how the Facebook Newsfeed works, and how the new EdgeRank algorithm is changing what content appears http://brandsavant.com/attention-rationing/

In outline…

  • The ‘Top news’ wall view only shows content based on what FB thinks you’re interested in – based on past interaction – this is the EdgeRank algorithm
  • Most people never switch to the real time ‘Most recent’ view which shows everything.
  • This may cause people to be cautious about what they interact with, as they will learn that engaging in brand content will cause your Wall to fill up with stuff from that brand
  • If you don’t concentrate on producing the right content at the right frequency, it’s best not to invest anything in Facebook at all, as the content will be invisible.

This is all further strong argument for consumer Passion Points driving Content Threads – and the consistent delivery thereof. Of which, more soon…


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