Sorrell Speaks

I went to a lecture last night given by Sir Martin Sorrell. He outlined his view of the economic situation, WPP’s strategy and their prospects. I was impressed with his natural, jargon-free style.

He was more optimistic that I expected about general economic recovery (he probably has to be) – but not so about Western Europe’s prospects compared with emerging markets.

He explained that WPP’s strategy centres on three pillars

  • Emerging markets (BRIC and next tier)
  • Interactive services (websites, mobile, video, etc)
  • Insight (they just bought TNS)

He also said he’d prefer if WPP wasn’t a public company – as if they’d gone with private equity, they’d be able to make longer term strategies. I guess that depends on the intention of the backers.

Here’s what Brand Republic had to say.

It was stuff I’d expected to hear, but it was good to have it confirmed.